Custom Expeditions

More and more couples, families and small groups of like-minded travelers ask us to design and guide a trip that fits their interests, budget and travel preferences. In 2015 we were thus invoved in 11 expeditions ranging from 5 days tot 2½ weeks (including a trip with a National Geograhpic film crew). We put our 25 years of wilderness experience to work for you and will design a program that fits your specific interests and preferences.

Many of Nature Trek’s faithful participants have come back to us looking for trips that appeal to their growing taste of adventure and wilderness. With their input we started organizing some very special expeditions, selecting areas that have lots to offer yet are not easy to get to. These always interesting and sometimes challenging trips are not part of our regular programming. Some of the things we did recently? Retracing explorer Otto Sverdrups’ travels through Ellesmere Island and going coast-to-coast in the rugged Brooks Peninsula on Vancouver Island’s westcoast. We followed a long forgotten trading route along the west coast of the Hudson Bay (and won the respect of local Dene elders in doing so). Our Labrador photography trip spawned a traveling exhibition and we rafted the Tatshenshini (2008), the McNeill (2012) and the Alsek (2014) rivers, to be followed by the Bonnet Plume in 2016. We conducted research trips with small groups of interested participants in Northern Ontario….. and had fun all the way!

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