• Back to the Basics

    2-7 day guided trips

    Leave civilisation behind and discover the joys and techniques of living off and with the land.

  • Gulf Islands National Park

    1-5 day guided kayak trips

    Discover the gentle beauty of BC’s Gulf Islands National Park with someone who knows.

  • Nootka Island Trekking

    3- 6 day guided trips

    Thundering surf, towering trees and plenty of wildlife; welcome to nature’s treasure island.

  • Juan de Fuca Wilderness

    3-6 day guided trips

    Go for day hikes from a base camp or set out on a more challenging hiking trip on Vancouver Island’s southern coast.

Come for a walk with Tundra to learn about wolves and First Nation people to become better stewards of our changing environment.

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Kayaking with orcas…

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Surf is pretty well always up on Vancouver Island’s west coast…

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You’ll scare it off! shhh…it’s right here

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It was an amazing trip, one of the best in our lives! Thanks again for all your support on a great experience!
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It has been one month since we came back from Canada. And we still enjoy the memories of that trip every day. It was in one word a blessed trip!!!! We enjoyed the well organized yet very individually-oriented trip itinerary you designed with us. We would like to thank you very much. A vacation became a honeymoon to never forget……
Lara Niels Caponi (the Netherlands)
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Dear Lo and Annemarie,
Thanks for the detailed trip information. It shows your capacity for thinking along with our preferences and we would like to continue with you. Extensive, straightforward information, personal contact as well as the tailor-made itineraries are the basis for this (and the fact that my parents made a fantastic journey a few years ago with your help too of course….).
Tim and Lisa Kasperitis
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Thank you for the fantastic travel experience! We are home again, tired but satisfied as one says. We came back very inspired after a wonderful journey that surpassed our high expectations.
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