Author: Didier

Surf’s up!

Surf is pretty well always up on Vancouver Island’s west coast… Let’s add this to your next Nature Trek Canada trip.

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Never cry wolf

On Nootka Island, we are visitors on Coastal Wolf territory and we have learned to be good neighbours.

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Lo Camps and Anne-Marie Linders - Naturetrek Canada owners

Happy Planners

Dear Lo and Annemarie, Thanks for the detailed trip information. It shows your capacity for thinking along with our preferences and we would like to continue with you. Extensive, straightforward information, personal contact as well as the tailor-made itineraries are the basis for this (and the fact that my parents made a fantastic journey a […]

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Lo’s Blog

Blog of Lo Camps, founder and moving force of Nature Trek Canada, guide, wildlife biologist, and all around passionate man of the wild world he treasures.

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Why do we like caribou so much that we adopted it for our logo? Anne-Marie and I (Lo) both started as wildlife biologists…

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Wildflower field in Manning Park, BC

Stop and smell the flowers

It is easy to get caught up in the spectacle of incredible scenery as it unfolds around you. But in the grandest and wildest places you will also find the most incredible and tiniest beauty right at your feet.

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Kids having fun on Salt Spring Island

Child’s play

Wilderness is not just for adventurous grownups.
The natural world is an endless and fascinating playground for kids of all ages.

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Big selfie


On guided trips, we always make the time for camera bugs of all levels to have some fun. We have also gone to the extent of arranging Special Photography trips in the past, something we would always be keen to repeat.

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History channel

There is nothing like a little history to put things in human perspective, and nothing like surrounding wilderness to put history in a fresh perspective.

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Folks we meet

That’s the thing about traveling, no matter where you are, and seemingly in the middle of nowhere, you get to meet the nicest people.

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