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It all begins with two magic words: Travel Plan.
We develop it with you and for you. On or off Canada’s trails, tracks and paths – with our input your trip can be a dream come true.

Travel Plan: $ 350
When designing your trip, nothing beats talking to local experts! You pay for our time, our expertise and local connections and that is invaluable. In the end, we save you money or give you a much greater bang for your buck.
Individual Travel Plan Terms

Your most valuable asset is your leisure time and, once spent, there’s no making it back. Working with a local expert gets you solid advice, creativity, advocacy and personal attention – things that are hard to come by online. After offering intimate guided trips for years, we realized that we could share our experience on a one-on-one basis. With your travel preferences as a starting point, we give you the Canada we know and the inside track on the best ways to enjoy it. Canada has countless natural treasures to be discovered, at your leisure, on and off the beaten path. Give us your ‘wish-list’ of things you would like to do and experience and we will help you make it a reality with a Travel Plan all your own.
When designing your Canada trip you have our 27 years of organizing, executing and guiding trips throughout Canada at your disposal. Since 1992 Nature Trek Canada has led more then 250 wilderness expeditions and has designed well over 1300 Travel Plans for independent travelers.
You simply see more when you know the right people!

We received the travel guide today. Wow – totally awesome! Lots of information, well organized and presented with humor. Thank you very much! We cannot wait to explore Canada! Greetings from the Le Clerq Family (Belgium)

Garibaldi Park, BC – Photo: Otto Jouwsma (2019)

How do we design YOUR trip?

You tell us what you like to see and do, where you would like to go and who you are traveling with. Based on your preferences we will respond with an initial Travel Plan containing detailed feedback, proposed routes and program options. We do this free of charge so you can see for yourself what we are all about. No obligations, no cost. If you like our approach we continue to discuss all route and program possibilities to further shape your trip. Bookings and reservations (flights, transportation , accommodation and excursions etc.) are included but you are free to arrange those yourself too. The final result is your own custom-made journey accompanied by a detailed personalized travel guide.

1 Input

Tell us about your plans

Our travel form helps you to inventory your travel preferences and expectations. If you do not know what Canada has to offer simply telling us what you would like to see and do is a good to start.

To give you an idea, take a look at the request form the Johanssen family submitted. We used their form to design an Individual Travel Plan in 2020.

2 Route proposal

A first route proposal

Using your travel preferences and interests as a starting point we will prepare a detailed route proposal. This way you can decide for yourself whether we live up to your expectations. No cost and no obligations. If you like our approach we will continue planning your vacation in close consultation with you. A first route and program proposal is usually somewhat general in nature but will become more detailed and specific as we go along.
In 2020, the Johanssen’s will be making a trip to Canada and you can read essential parts of our first travel proposal here, along with a detailed travel budget.

3 Trip planning

Travel Plan

If you like our approach we will continue working on your Travel Plan and will refine it as we go along. A first travel plan is far from perfect and often itinerary, program and budget are changed any number of times before a travel plan suits you perfectly.

The cost for designing your travel plan and organizing your trip is $Can 350/ € 250 irrespective of the number of travelers in your party. Included are ongoing expert advice, bookings & reservations, the making of your personalized travel guide as well as travel assistance while you are in Canada. There are no administrative costs for making bookings/reservations (campsite reservations excluded). Postage, printing and binding of your travel guide is extra and usually comes to around $Can 30/€ 20. Please check our Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

Your preferences and personal interests give us the opportunity to tailor your travel plan to your liking. In return, we use our extensive local knowledge and travel experiences to show you specific route/program possibilities and how they would impact your itinerary and budget.

All of this does not mean that you are locked into a fixed itinerary. The choice is always yours. If you want to follow a travel plan to the letter, we will gladly assist you every step of the way but if you intend to keep your options open, we’re there with you too! With good planning and solid information inherent to every Travel plan, you are well equipped to explore Canada on your own terms.

4 Bookings


Your travel preferences and budget will determine reservations and bookings like flights (international and domestic), transportation, accommodation, excursions, ferries etc. We will discuss all options with you and will make any and all reservations free of charge but you are free to make some or all arrangements by yourself too.

Reservations are made by travel consolidators affiliated with consumer protection agencies in your country. Travel documents are mailed directly to you by those consolidators.

Reservations within Canada

Reservations for accommodation & camping, excursions and ferries etc. are often made within Canada. Nature Trek Canada has excellent working relationships with many Canadian outfitters, businesses and Ferry corporations and can make all necessary reservations and bookings.

The Nature Trek Canada advantages:

  • We are an independent booking agent with access to special rates.
  • We will not charge you for making reservations (with the exception of camping reservations).
  • We compare rates as they can sometimes be lower in Canadian dollars than in your currency.
  • You are free to make some or all of your reservations.
  • You can rent camping equipment  from us.
  • If you have to cancel part or all of your trip, we will take care of administration and refunds for reservations made by Nature Trek Canada.
  • While traveling in Canada we can be reached with little or no time difference.

5 Travel Guide

Travel Guide

Your Individual Travel Plan will be documented in a personalized travel guide with all relevant information at your fingertips. It is a printed and bound document that includes:

  • Day-by-day itinerary, sights and landmarks, alternate routes, local attractions and events.
  • Maps and background information on the places you visit.
  • Vouchers and a detailed overview of all reservations and bookings made by Nature Trek Canada on your behalf.
  • Information on how you (or your relatives back home) can reach us in case of an emergency.

Example: Johansen Travel Guide

6 Assistance

On the Road assistance

If you need assistance when traveling in Canada you can get in touch with us any time, with little or no time difference.

You can reach us if you run into any kind of problem (weather related, illness, accident etc.). Family and friends at home can also rely on us to reach you if need be – we have a good idea of where you are at all times, know the region and have contacts throughout Canada. Our office will be automatically notified by relevant operators (ferries, airlines, outfitters) if there are any unexpected changes in your reservations. This way we can assist you while you are blissfully unaware!

Road Trip Ideas

Draw inspiration from a few proven trip designs we have put together for like-minded travelers.

Travel Blocks

Pick special things you’d like to see, some fun activities you’d like to do, and we can start building a trip around those.

Guided trips

Start or end your Canadian adventure with a solid shot of wilderness adrenaline, served with plenty of TLC.

We enjoyed the well organized yet very individually-oriented trip itinerary you designed with us. We would like to thank you very much. A vacation became a honeymoon to never forget……
Lara Niels Caponi (the Netherlands)

You be the judge

Try us (it's free with no obligations)!

Complimentary Custom Travel Plan

  • Travel wishes

    Please fill out the form below and submit it. Upon receiving your information we will send you a complimentary detailed travel plan geared to your requirements and preferences. Included will be route and program possibilities, accommodation, excursions and possible guided components along with a budget overview. If you like what you see, we would love to help you put together a great trip to Canada.
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