Labrador Coast Adventure

Boat on the Labrador Coast

Custom expedition, by request only

An introduction to Labrador’s spectacular north coast. A world class experience where nature observation and Inuit culture are enjoyed by boat and on easy day hikes from tented base camps.

A  long liner vessel and her Inuit crew take us along Labrador’s rugged north coast – a land of steep cliffs, pale blue icebergs, fjords and lofty mountain peaks. This wild land holds immense vistas, solitude and a natural diversity that is as arctic as it is unique – carpets of wildflowers, caribou, polar- and black bears, birds, whales and seals. The lichen-clad taiga with its stunted and gnarled spruce trees welcome us on our way south.

Nature Trek Canada was the first to lead guided expeditions in northern Labrador and we have learned to master the logistics of arranging trips in this less traveled part of Canada. Be advised that nature and the elements rules here and that any trip is an adventure! Support of a longliner boat, Inuit crew and local guides allow for flexibility and plenty of freedom. Labrador is pure and wild at heart – here’s a chance to take some of that home with you. Labrador is not for everyone…..that is why we organize only custom expeditons here.

What I realized more than anywhere else is that Labrador is a place where you are completely insignificant to the world around you. It’s a good feeling and I’ll carry that with me for the rest of my life. Hans van der Hoeven

Potential trip summary

Day 1-2 Arrival Montreal and Nain
Day 3-4 Boat journey north
Day 5-10 Kaumajet Mountains – day hikes and boat trips
Day 11-13 Siugak Island – taiga
Day 12-14 Goose Bay
Departure  From mid July to early September
Duration  10 days minimum
Start  Goose Bay, Labrador
Group size  From 2 to a maximum of 8 participants
Price  From $Can 4,900 per person (depending on programming and group size)

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Labrador Coast expedition

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