Lake Superior Wilderness

Custom expedition, by request only

Lake Superior and its mountainous north shore are unsurpassed wilderness areas. We travel into these boreal wildlands by exploring offshore islands that feature protected bays, rocky headlands and varied hinterland.  Geographic isolation has resulted in high concentrations of woodland caribou and beaver. Along with migratory birds flocking to the islands in spring, this provides you with outstanding opportunities to view and photograph wildlife. Mostly we travel on foot or by small powerboat and canoe. Your Nature Trek Canada guide will make room to accommodate your special interests in wildlife photography or wildlife observation.

Finally, a long-held wish comes true – a slow journey through a wilderness paradise with excellent guides and interpretation to boot! Observing caribou, solitude, variety and flexible programming made this a truly outstanding trip. Charl & Anita Geven, the Netherlands

Potential trip summary

Day 1-2 Arrival Thunder Bay
Day 2-7 Slate Islands Provincial Park
Day 8 Return to Thunder Bay
Departure preferably from May to early June OR September
Duration 4 to 8 days
Start Thunder Bay, Ontario
Group size up to 6 participants
Price from $Can 1,000 per person (from Thunder Bay, depending on trip length and group size)

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Lake Superior Wilderness

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