About Nature Trek Canada

Nature Trek Canada (NTC) was founded in 1992 by wildlife biologists Lo Camps and Anne-Marie Linders. They use their expertise to select unique wilderness destinations.

Canada’s wilderness is our business; it is also our home and our passion. After guiding more than 275 expeditions and developing over 1100 individual trips, we have come to understand the needs of travelers from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

We know how to provide a memorable experience that will last a lifetime, thanks to practical experience, thorough trip planning and direct communication with you, the traveler. We are a small operation, by choice, because this is the best way to maintain attention to detail, keep a personal contact with you, and still get out and explore with you, which we just plain love to do.

Our Philosophy

In its 26th year, Nature Trek Canada remains at the forefront of innovative wilderness travel. We feel that personal contact with each participant and attention to detail are crucial to provide an experience that will last a lifetime. Remaining a small but successful company for this long is a testimony to our commitment and dedication. We respect the heritage and rights of Canada’s First Nations and limit our impact on the fragile nature of the places we visit. We do recognize our responsibility for an increase in Co2 emissions and to minimize our share, we support innovative projects through Greatest Planet and compensate Co2 emissions for every international flight, car or camper rental through the South Pole Group.

Giving back

1% of our profit goes to local projects that protect Canada’s wilderness and educate people about its significance. We support  The Land Conservancy of Canada (TLC) and the Wilderness Committee. We give many lectures and workshops every year and co-created the Ecoliteracy program for highschool students in British Columbia.

We are also in contact with Hillyland Trek, an organization with a lot of experience in organizing treks and expeditions in the Himalayas of Nepal and Ladakh. Hilly Land Trek & Expedition donates to the Nepal Handicapped Service Organization which currently allows 13 handicapped children to attend school. We assist behind the scenes with translations, web design and marketing advice.


The Return of Caribou to Ungava (book cover)

Lo Camps and Anne-Marie Linders are both wildlife biologists and are the co-authors of a scientific (but highly readable) book on Labrador caribou, published by McGill University Press. A publication on caribou in Ontario (Lake Superior) is also in the works.

Caribou, the annual migration
Award-winning documentary by Paul Wolff

For us it is the way your company combines nature and wilderness and the way your guides inform, care, lead and joke with us, the participants. It is a way of life that does not end after the expedition but becomes a part of us.
Teus & Adinda

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