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What a country… Where to go, what to see, what to do??? Let us help.

Enjoy Canada at its natural best

Canada is big and beautiful, you and pretty well everyone knows that. Actually, it is huge and gorgeous beyond your wildest dreams. We, at Nature Trek Canada, can steer you to just the right part of the country for your trip.

Yukon & Alaska
Western Canada
Central Canada
Eastern Canada

With more moose than people and scenery that simply won’t quit, Canada’s Yukon serves wilderness on a scale that is equal to none. Add a dash of Gold Rush lore to the mix and you can have yourself quite the adventure, either on your own or on one of our expeditions.

Mendenhall Glacier (Juneau, AK)
The largest American state is massive indeed, but we can help you plan a trip that will make the most of your time. Whether you want to cruise the Inside Passage the real way, by ferry, explore it from a kayak, or have the road trip of a lifetime across the interior, we can make it happen.

Road Trip Ideas
We’re talking ROAD TRIPS here. The distances are only matched by the grandeur of everything on a scale you can only imagine. Here are some ways of getting you on your way:
Yukon and Alaska by camper
Alaska road trip

Travel Blocks
You’ve already decided to go?
Add a little extra adventure to your travel plans, like a bear viewing excursion, a guided nature walk or rafting trip and make your trip that much more memorable.

I love the way Nature Trek Canada portrays the wilderness this can only come from a real dedication and affection for wild places. You guys are a cheerful bunch but knowledgeable as well. I’ll be back!
Marc Bunt

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