Polar bear encounters

Polar bear swimming, Labrador
What are the chances of encountering a polar bear while we are traveling Labrador’s north coast?

Well, a little history lesson first. We started research on the George River caribou herd in 1988 and from then until 2002 we saw 1 polar bear. That is 14 years. Since then we see about 1 or 2 every 2 week trip up there.

In 2013, we saw 7 polar bears during our 2 Labrador Coast Expeditions (4 weeks).

Of course we are well prepared in Labrador as we have boat transportation with us at all times and, when out for a day hike, an Inuit bear guard will be stationed at our camping location. At night, we all take turns for a 2 hour bear watch.

Encountering a polar bear is a unique experience. To be cherished for ever. We are guests on his home turf and should feel welcomed rather than entitled.

Bear Kiss
The only way to get close and personal with a bear.
Photo: John Groenevelt
Being well-informed is the first line of defense for being safe in polar bear country. Having a rifle and someone who knows how to use it is the next one.
Photo: Twan Dieltjes