Fantastic travel experience

Thank you for the fantastic travel experience! We are home again, tired but satisfied as one says.

We came back very inspired after a wonderful journey that surpassed our high expectations. Absolute highlight was the unique adventure on Vancouver Island’s west coast.

The way Lo has guided us is highly appreciated – with tremendous dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge, love of nature and adjusting to our family’s “rhythm”, positive and unperturbed. The way in which Lo involved our daughters in this adventure has made a deep impression – they loved it (e.g. climbing along the cliffs, starting fires, breakfast conversations, etc.). They missed Lo from some time after Nootka. I think you have given them a piece of lasting love for true wilderness nature. As for myself: this has been one of the most beautiful and inspiring travels I have ever made (and I have made a few….). I found it a special privilege to experience this with my family.
Sincerely, Kees-Jan, Heleen, Celine, Isabel Rameau (the Netherlands)

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