Happy Travel Planners

I just started reading the travel guide and my first impression is: “Wow, it’s huge and detailed!”

I just started reading the travel guide and my first impression is: “Wow, it’s huge and detailed!” Thanks a lot for your hard work. It was a really good surprise. Thanks again to both of you.
Etienne Corbaux (France)

Dear Lo and Annemarie,
Thanks for the detailed trip information. It shows your capacity for thinking along with our preferences and we would like to continue with you.
Extensive, straightforward information, personal contact as well as the tailor-made itineraries are the basis for this (and the fact that my parents made a fantastic journey a few years ago with your help too of course….).
Tim and Lisa Kasperitis

What we like about you
The reason we contacted you is that we want to go “off the beaten track”. On the internet and in travel guides we see many of the same things. Although it was 15 years ago, we have traveled the Vancouver-Tofino-Rockies-Okanagan-Vancouver loop. We like to have different and new experiences. You have surpassed our expectations! We see in your trip proposals a new areas and location, unknown gems and surprising advice. The descriptions alone make us want to go NOW!
Ellen & Harold Priester (the Netherlands)

Hi Lo and Annemarie,
You make the difference compared to many reputable providers on the Dutch market! We will return!
Joseph and Ed (Denmark)

Our first impression has been reinforced after every contact with you. We were looking for people who could put together a great trip for us. We happily surprised by your first trip proposal and itinerary. It’s quite a bit of reading to go through, but we already had so much fun which in turn got us into a ‘holiday feeling’ while still at home!
We would very much like to continue with you to create an unforgettable journey.
Nathalie van Horst and Sander Cornelisse (Belgium)

Dear Lo and Annemarie,
We have not yet been able to fully study all your plans and information, but I would like to compliment you on their transparency and the no-nonsense directness of the information you provide. Visiting trade shows, as far as we are concerned, is disappointing in that very little specific information is provided about Canada – but you only need one good party to make that visit worthwhile. Meeting you has made our visit meaningful.
The Jense family (commenting on their 1st travel proposal)

Good day Canada,
First and foremost, Didier and I would like to thank you for the fast and extremely complete work you have already delivered. We very much would like to continue our travel plans with you (we were in contact with another agency too but declined their offer).
Koen van der Borght and Didier (Belgium)

We’re already happy with you guys! These kinds of things are always complicated and not transparent and figuring things out will normally cost us so much time and energy. Great that we can co-ordinate all of this with you. Thanks already!
van der Put family (the Netherlands)

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