Vancouver Island’s wild side

Get up close and personal with Vancouver Island’s forests, mountains, rugged coastlines and amazing wildlife.

21 day wilderness adventure | June-July 2023

We are designing this trip for a family who wants to spend as little time as possible on the road. The parents also want their children to experience true wilderness without getting into ‘survival’ mode. And that they will – Nature Trek Canada has 30 years of wilderness experience and their guides frequently accompany aspiring youngsters.

Go Wild on Vancouver Island

We developed a route in which we gradually expose this adventurous family to Canada’s west coast environment while also teaching them  a little wilderness savvy. Vancouver Island is the perfect setting for shorter guided expeditions, while the remainder of their trip leaves plenty of room for discovery and wildlife watching on your own.


21 days in June & July 2023
Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Family with 2 adults and 3 children (9, 10 and 13)
Driving distance
1000 km
Camping (17) and hotel/lodges (2)
Adventurous and educational fun for all. Not too strenuous or challenging. High wilderness content.


Per person / €1 = $Can 1.44$Can
Car rental (Minivan, Avis, 1 driver, all in)$593 €412
Camping (17)$153 €106
Lodges (2)$130 €90
Equipment rental (tents, sleeping bags, mattresses)$230€160
BC Ferry $95€66
Miscellaneous (park permits, fuel etc.)$72€50
Juan de Fuca excursion (4 days, private guide)$667 €463
Kayaking trip (3 days, private guide)$687€477
Whale watching trip Johnstone Straits (4 hours)$155€108
Total (international airfare not included)
Delta Ams-Vancouver-AMS (including bagage)
Custom design & organization of your trip *
* Postage and printing travel guide extra
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Vancouver Island's wild side

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