• Vancouver Island Explorer

    Custom expedition

    From sea to mountain, taste the (natural) best of the (Canadian) west.

  • Eastern Canada by camper

    24 day trip | Sept.-October

    Spectacular splash of fall colour through Quebec and Ontario, and then of bracing sea spray on the Atlantic coast.

  • Niagara Falls panorama

    Ontario & Quebec by camper

    21 day family trip | August

    Discover Canada’s natural side at the heart of the country while taking stock of its most civilized side as well.

  • BC to Alberta Road Trip

    British Columbia & Alberta

    23 day family car trip | July

    Take the scenic route to Canada’s most scenic destination, from the west coast to the Rockies.

  • St-John’s Harbour entrance, Newfoundland

    Newfoundland & Labrador

    22 day road trip | August

    A leisurely drive through rough and charming Newfoundland becomes increasingly spectacular as we add Labrador to the mix.

  • Turnagain Arm, Alaska

    Alaska road trip

    20 day car trip | June-July

    Soak in Alaska’s dramatic landscapes while catching more than a glimpse of wildlife.

  • Vancouver Island’s wild side

    21 day car trip | June-July

    Soak in Canada’s west coast, and pick up wilderness tips in the process!

  • Dempster Highway through the Richardson Mountains in the fall

    Yukon and Alaska by camper

    22 day camper trip | August

    Explore the grandiose scenery of Yukon and Alaska, with spectacular guided trips added for good measure.

  • Tatshenshini Rafting

    Custom expedition

    A wild ride of a river in a grand setting with wildlife aplenty.

  • Pair of orcas

    Whale watching

    Half to full day excursions

    Be it the dorsal fin of an orca or the tail of a humpback, sighting a whale is an unforgettable moment.

  • Back to the Basics

    2-7 day guided trips

    Leave civilisation behind and discover the joys and techniques of living off and with the land.

  • Gulf Islands National Park

    1-5 day guided kayak trips

    Discover the gentle beauty of BC’s Gulf Islands National Park with someone who knows.

  • Nootka Island Trekking

    3- 6 day guided trips

    Thundering surf, towering trees and plenty of wildlife; welcome to nature’s treasure island.

  • Juan de Fuca Wilderness

    3-6 day guided trips

    Go for day hikes from a base camp or set out on a more challenging hiking trip on Vancouver Island’s southern coast.

  • Wilderness Getaway

    2-4 day packages

    Enjoy Vancouver Island’s stunning coast from the comfort of a refitted heritage vessel.

  • Grizzlies in tall grass, BC

    Bear Watching

    Half to full day excursions

    The west coast offers outstanding opportunities to observe grizzly bears from a safe vantage point.

  • Double kayak, double the fun

    Sea kayaking

    Guided day and overnight trips

    There is no better way than a kayak to explore Canada’s inspiring coastline.

  • Canoeing

    Guided & non-guided trips

    No trip to Canada is complete without getting a taste of the voyageurs’ trademark craft.

  • Rafting

    Half to full day excursions

    Go for a gentle float or an adrenaline rush in various locations across Canada!

  • Flightseeing

    Plane or helicopter tours

    You just can’t beat the bird’s eye view of the wild world below. We offer several options.

  • Biking

    Cycling options for all tastes

    Don’t let the scale of the country fool you: biking can be a wonderful way to explore Canada.

  • Cottonwood Trail over Kathleen Lake, Kluane National Park

    Nature walks

    Learn from a naturalist

    Explore the backcountry with a local guide and learn about the natural world around you.

  • Fall trekking in Tombstone Park, Yukon


    Overnight hikes

    Canada’s wilderness is best enjoyed on foot. Let NTC help you plan your next backpacking adventure.

  • Boat on the Labrador Coast

    Labrador Coast Adventure

    Custom expedition

    With a longliner and her Inuit crew, we take you to a wild world of deep fjords, pale blue icebergs, and lofty mountains.