A wilderness primer

Ray Mears and Bear Grylls survive. On television.
How would you do? Most of us think that learning wilderness skills is what makes you survive.

I beg to differ – it is your mindset that will pull you through!

Of course knowing a few tricks helps but nothing beats being in the wilds for long periods of time to dispel unreasonable fear and acquire much needed exposure to the natural world around you.
ENJOY being out there: savour, sample, listen and observe!
AND YES, it is possible to live without Facebook or, gasp, a smartphone.

It is never too late to immerse yourself for even a short period of time in true wilderness. You owe it to yourself.

So let’s get Back to the Basics!

Back to the Basics

Leave civilisation behind and discover the joys and techniques of living off and with the land.
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2-7 day guided trips