Tatshenshini rafting and Tatchu trekking

15 to 21 day rafting & hiking expedition | June 2018

Imagine rafting by immense glaciers in the St Elias Mountains—feeling the raw wind on your face and riding the swift melt waters pouring down from the side valleys. This is the Tatshenshini-Alsek valley in Canada’s most spectacular glacier-studded mountain range. As pristine an area as the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

The ‘getting there’ part is a challenge.  By navigating river rafts downstream, we will arrive in comfort at the heart of Tatshenshini’s stunning natural beauty. Once there you can explore the varied landscape by scaling a mountain or simply gazing (an art easily forgotten by most…). Experience the deep-blue icebergs calving off the Lowell Glacier, sculpted ice bobbing in wide glacial lakes and the never-ending lure of sweeping vistas around each bend in the river.

The valley also support the largest population of grizzly bears in Canada as well as sizable populations of wolves, moose, wolverines, black bears, Dall sheep, mountain goats, lynx and countless birds. We will explore the valley and surrounding mountains and, because we spend the time there, we have a better than average chance of observing wildlife.

This rafting trip is offered as a stand-alone 15 day adventure. For those wanting to extend their experience, we are adding a 7 day trekking adventure along Vancouver Island’s west coast. The Tatchu peninsula is a little known wave-beaten shoreline, rimming the lush temperate rain forest of the west coast. Float plane access only, the Tatchu peninsula will introduce you to an incredibly varied landscape and the possibility of observing sea otters, bears and wolves is real!

Please note:  Rafting experience is not necessary and certified guides accompany us on the journey. For the Tatchu Trekking, backpacking experience is recommended.

Trip Summary

Day 1 Arrival Whitehorse. Preparing and outfitting
Day 2 Haines Junction base camp and preparation
Day 3-13 Tatshenshini River rafting and day hikes
Day 14-15 Return to Whitehorse
Day 14 Gold River, Vancouver Island
Day 15-19 Tatchu Peninsula trekking
Day 20-21 Departure
Departure June 17 2018
Duration 15 to 21 days
Starts Whitehorse
Group size 6-8 (rafting) and 4-6 (Tatchu trekking)
Price Rafting $Can 5,500 / $US 4,500 / € 4750 (originating in Europe) or  € 3745 (from Whitehorse)
Price Tatchu Trekking From $Can 1,900 / $US 1,560 / € 1250 (from Vancouver)

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Tatshenshini Rafting & Tatchu Trekking

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