Well, well, whale

OK, let’s be honest, we cannot guarantee that you’ll meet face to face with a killer whale every time… but we can stack the odds in your favour!

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Surf’s up!

Surf is pretty well always up on Vancouver Island’s west coast… Let’s add this to your next Nature Trek Canada trip.

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Bear necessities

Most of us want to know what to do when we encounter a bear. Right?
But let’s turn this around – what would bears want to know when they encounter us?

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Grizzly and salmon catch

Bear and salmon

Why does our bear and whale watching trip happen in July and August? Bears have huge habitats: grizzly bears have up to 500 km². To spot a bear one needs luck, or knows the right time.

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A wilderness primer

Personalities like Ray Mears and Bear Grylls survive. On TV. How would you do? Most of us think that learning wilderness skills is what makes you survive.

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